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Fighting for those who can't fight for themselves - Louisiana's elderly.


As your legislator, Joe fought hard to protect our elderly. \ ..

Getting Big Gaming to Finally Pay Up! That's what Joe Harrison has done for District 51


As your legislator, Joe proved big gaming hasn't paid what they owed to..

The Rich Special Interests VS. The Taxpayers of Louisiana


The recent campaign finance reports of my opponent along with additional ..

I have been honored to serve as your representative over the past 8 years and am proud of the hard work I have provided to this district and our great state. However, there is still work left to be done, please vote to have me continue the fight for you and your families to insure YOUR best interests are protected. My office is NOT and NEVER will be for sale! I look forward to four more years working with you, your businesses and families and humbly ask for your vote... READ MORE